Prayerful Ireland

Helena Connolly

These beautiful images take the reader on a wonderful journey through pilgrim paths, landscapes and places of worship, old and new, throughout Ireland. Accompanied by prayers, reflections and bible quotes.
Date Published :
December 2018
Publisher :
Messenger Publications
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781788120128
Pages : 104
Dimensions : 8.27 X 10.24 inches
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Ireland's faith inheritance has made us who we are, as witnessed by the ruined monasteries and intricate high crosses dotted around our countryside, by the holy wells and Mass rocks that are often hidden from sight, and by the shrines and holy places throughout the country.

Ireland has changed dramatically and traditional devotions are no longer part of our everyday lives. Nevertheless, there is an underlying desire for ‘something more’, and that desire has led many to rediscover the riches of our past: the pilgrim paths that crisscross our country. These ancient paths frequently traverse some of the most beautiful scenery in Ireland, from Kerry to Donegal, from Wicklow to Galway. There is beauty and mystery within these landscapes which the early monks celebrated wonderfully in their poetry, and which drew them to God and to prayer. Now, once again, people are finding in the silence of a valley or the rippling of a stream or the simplicity of a holy well an opening to mystery and an invitation to prayer. They are learning that these ancient paths can be our paths as well.

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