Dictionary of Rock and Pop Names

Why Were They Called That? From Aaliyah to ZZ Top

Mark Beech

Date Published :
July 2009
Publisher :
Remember When
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120 color illustrations
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781844158072
Pages : 320
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Mark Beech’s 1998 predecessor, The A-Z of Names in Rock generated over 50 radio interviews, 15 articles, 7 features in nationals and two serializations. This extended and updated version covers more genres than just rock (e.g. pop, punk, indie, reggae, soul, country, blues, folk, jazz, heavy metal, grunge and rap artists and bands) and will appeal to music fans internationally, as well as being the must-buy book for pub quiz fans. With almost 3,000 entries, it’s a chance to discover why artists chose their names – and which ones shouldn’t have. An informative and often humorous read, “the world’s leading expert on music names” (BBC), Mark Beech, is guaranteed another best-seller.

About The Author

Mark Beech’s music column has been syndicated in 300 newspapers internationally, including the US. He has written for The Sunday Times and appeared on Bloomberg TV and received rave reviews for his 1998 book, The A-Z of Names in Rock which generated over 50 radio interviews and was highly recommended by leading DJs including the legendary John Peel. Mark has interviewed thousands of stars and bands as diverse as Sting and The Smiths. His first book on rock names was inspired by an interview he did with Sting. Mark performed (very briefly) with failed punk band Marius and the Firebombers.

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