Dylan Thomas

From Fern Hill to Milk Wood

David Rowe

Fully illustrated introduction to Dylan Thomas, a writer beloved in both Wales and the US. New readers are given a taste of the great man's life, poems, stories and acclaimed play Under Milk Wood - famously made into a film starring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Full of photographs of the places and people that most influenced Thomas.
Date Published :
August 2022
Publisher :
Y Lolfa
Illustration :
fully illustrated in color throughout
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781800992221
Pages : 80
Dimensions : 6.9 X 8.3 inches
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Fully illustrated introduction to the life and writings of Dylan Thomas, a writer and poet beloved not only in his native Wales but also in the USA, where he toured extensively. Wild Welsh boy who roared through his brief life; doomed poet who praised the fleeting beauty of youth and innocence; sensitive, misunderstood artist: which of these images is nearest to the real Dylan Thomas? This book offers new readers a taste of the great writer’s own words. Snippets from the poems, stories and the acclaimed play Under Milk Wood – later made into a lyrical film starring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor – will leave you wanting to read more. It is also a book of striking and memorable photographs: of the places, the people and the experience of Wales which so influenced Dylan. And at the center of the story is the man himself, aptly described by his friend Vernon Watkins as ‘the serious survivor of all his myths’.

About The Author

David Rowe was born in Llanelli, Wales. After gaining a PhD in French literature, he worked at universities in Canada, France and Switzerland before returning to Wales. His satire on the tabloid press was chosen by the UK's Sunday Times as one of the best humorous books of the year, and he has also written several plays and documentary TV programmes.

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