Where Are You, Puffling?

An Irish Adventure

Erika McGann, Gerry Daly

A puffling has gone in search of adventure - now her parents can't find her anywhere!

Can the animals of Skellig help them find their little puffling?
Date Published :
May 2020
Publisher :
The O'Brien Press
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781788491457
Pages : 32
Dimensions : 10.25 X 8.45 inches
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781788490504
Pages : 32
Dimensions : 10.25 X 8.45 inches
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A puffling has gone in search of adventure – now her puffin parents can’t find her anywhere!

They talk to the seal and the gannet and the rabbit; they walk to the huts and the cliffs and the cove. They hear lots of stories of the puffling helping others, but they just cannot find their fluffy, black chick.

Finally, they spot her – on a boat out at sea!

The puffling is too small to fly home, so the animals of Skellig work together and come up with something very clever …

About The Author

Erika McGann grew up in Drogheda, County Louth, and now lives in Dublin. She is the author of a number of children’s books, including the winner of the Waverton Good Read Children’s Prize 2014, The Demon Notebook, the first in her magical series about Grace and her four friends. Other books in the series are: The Broken Spell, The Watching Wood and The Midnight Carnival. She is also the author of the ‘Cass and the Bubble Street Gang’ series.

Gerry Daly was born in Dublin, grew up in County Wicklow. Gerry studied Fine art at IADT, worked as a graphic designer for several years, and later found work in developing websites.


It’s a sweet story that has messages of love and kindness as we follow along as the Puffling’s parents search for it and learn of all the ways their baby has made a difference.

- Just a BX Mom

This is such a fun and adorable book of friendship, helping, and adventure. A terrific addition to my child’s home library!

- Chocolat N Children

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