The Bloodied Field

Croke Park. Sunday 21 November 1920

Michael Foley

Bloody Sunday. A gaelic football match in Dublin's Croke Park became the scene of a massacre of 14 people by the Royal Irish Constabulary, following the IRA assassination of British military agents. Updated edition of this exceptional and prizewinning book.
Date Published :
September 2020
Publisher :
The O'Brien Press
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30 Halftones, black and white
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ISBN : 9781788491969
Pages : 352
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On the morning of 21 November 1920, Jane Boyle walked to Sunday Mass in the church where she would be married five days later. That afternoon she went with her fiancé to watch Tipperary and Dublin play a Gaelic football match at Croke Park. Across the city fourteen men lay dead in their beds after a synchronised IRA attack designed to cripple British intelligence services in Ireland. Trucks of police and military rumbled through the city streets as hundreds of people clamoured at the metal gates of Dublin Castle seeking refuge. Some of them were headed for Croke Park.

Award-winning journalist and author Michael Foley recounts the extraordinary story of Bloody Sunday in Croke Park and the 90 seconds of shooting that changed Ireland forever. In a deeply intimate portrait he tells for the first time the stories of those killed, the police and military personnel who were in Croke Park that day, and the families left shattered in its aftermath, all against the backdrop of a fierce conflict that stretched from the streets of Dublin and the hedgerows of Tipperary to the halls of Westminster.

Updated with new information and photographs.

About The Author

Michael Foley spent much of his teaching career in primary schools in the East End of London. After leaving teaching to become a full-time carer to his twin grandsons, who were severely disabled, he began to write seriously for the first time. Since then he has had more than twenty local and military books published. He has also had numerous articles published in magazines such as Best of British, This England, Essex Life and others. He has also had short stories published in My Weekly magazine. He lives in Romford with his wife and grandson.

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