Illustrated Favourite Poems We Learned at School (New Edition)

A beautiful anthology of some of the best loved poems from childhood, with a new selection of evocative photographs to accompany the memorable lines.
Date Published :
April 2018
Publisher :
Mercier Press
Editor :
Thomas F . Walsh
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ISBN : 9781781174135
Pages : 120
Dimensions : 7.25 X 7.25 inches
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'Favourite Poems We Learned at School' and its companion volumes 'More Favourite Poems We Learned at School' and 'Favourite Poems We Learned at School as Gaeilge' are enduring bestsellers in Ireland. The illustrated edition takes forty of the most popular poems from the three volumes and juxtaposes them with classic photographs of children, schoolrooms and teachers of times past - some humorous, some quirky, some poignant. The anthology contains such gems as "The Village Blacksmith", "Daffodils", "Sea Fever" and "All Things Bright and Beautiful", which readers will remember with affection from their own schooldays. It is truly a collection to treasure.

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