Discovering the United Arab Emirates

Francesca Affleck

Fifty years ago, Dubai was a fishing village about to be transformed by the discovery of oil. It has since been transformed more gradually into an international business hub and holiday destination, which earns a mere 5% of its revenues from oil.But although Dubai tends to capture the headlines, the transformations of Abu Dhabi, the capital, and Sh
Date Published :
June 2018
Publisher :
Medina Publishing
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781909339972

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For many, the business agenda is so all-consuming and modern creature comforts so extensive that they can spend months, even years, in the United Arab Emirates without understanding anything about the region’s history and culture. But that attitude is changing.

Recently, the government has begun to promote its culture and heritage, encouraging Emiratis, residents and tourists to visit cultural sites. Historic buildings are being renovated and opened up to the public. Meanwhile, international students are becoming increasingly interested in the region, and not just for its record-breaking buildings and economic success.

Lavishly illustrated by photographs of people and places not on the tourist trail, the book offers its audience a wealth of information in an easy, accessible manner. It is also an invaluable resource to schools and teachers and prompts the reader to investigate and explore further.

About The Author

Francesca Affleck has lived in Dubai since 2007. Having previously lived with her family in India, Hong Kong, England, Pakistan and Oman, she has plenty of experience of different cultures. Always curious about the places she has lived, she has nurtured a similar curiosity among her students as well as her own family. She has been inspired by the rapid growth and transformation of the UAE over the last 60 years, and wants to share this knowledge. Francesca has worked as a Senior Leader at schools in Dubai and England. Currently an Education Consultant, she enjoys being surrounded by some of the things she loves most - books, information and enthusiastic learners.

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