Power, Splendour, and Diamonds

Denmark's Regalia and Crown Jewels

Peter Kristiansen

This book is part of the Crown Series, a series of small books on the Danish monarchy and related subjects. It tells the story of the foremost symbols of the Kingdom of Denmark: the crown, the sceptre, and the orb.
Date Published :
September 2018
Publisher :
Editor :
Axel Harms
Contributor(s) :
Peter Sean Woltemade
Series :
Crown Series
Illustration :
40 illustrations
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ISBN : 9788793229143
Pages : 60
Dimensions : 8.25 X 6.75 inches
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The foremost symbols of the Kingdom of Denmark—the crown, the sceptre, and the orb—have been kept at Rosenborg Castle since the 1680s. Here one can also see a number of the monarchy’s other central objects: the baptismal font that has been used by the royal family since the 17th century, the silver lions as well as the collection of crown jewels founded by Queen Sophie Magdalene in the mid-18th century, which is still used by the Queen on major occasions.

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