Wind Strategy

David Houghton, Fiona Campbell

The wind powers everything a sailor does and Wind Strategy has been helping sailors understand it since 1986, now fully updated for modern forecasting.
Date Published :
October 2016
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
Series :
Sail to Win
Illustration :
30 Halftones, color; 198 Diagrams
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ISBN : 9781909911543
Pages : 140
Dimensions : 9.5 X 6.75 inches
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The wind powers everything a sailor does and this book will help you to understand it. As a result you will be more prepared for your race, able to anticipate changes in the wind better and know what to do when they come. The first edition of this book was published in 1986, and it has been the go-to wind book for dinghy champions ever since. This new-look fourth edition is fully updated for modern forecasting and analyses a revised set of popular racing venues around the world: unveiling what to expect from the weather at over 25 regatta locations, it will get you ahead of the competition and powering up the leaderboard.

About The Author

David Houghton was a passionate meteorologist, spending over 30 years at the UK Met Office, and was responsible for introducing the marketing of weather services commercially. He was a member of the Royal Meteorological Society from 1949. In 2000 he was awarded the Society’s Michael Hunt Award for “excellence in increasing the understanding of meteorology or its applied disciplines among members of the general public, including particular groups (e.g. sailors)”. David worked as an advisor to Olympic, Admiral’s Cup, America’s Cup and Round the World sailing teams for over 30 years. He also wrote Weather at Sea for cruising sailors.

Fiona Campbell is a successful meteorologist with a passion for the environment and a love of sailing. Fiona took over from David Houghton the responsibility for advising the UK’s top sailing teams at Olympic, European and World regattas, as well as GBR and other America’s Cup challenges. She has also worked to help boat designers, competitors and race organisers, such as Cowes Week, to optimise their performance. Fiona worked alongside weather legend David Houghton for many years.


About The Authors


Chapter 1: The Wind-Wise Sailor

Chapter 2: The Sailor’s Wind

Chapter 3: Wind Facts: Coasts, Lakes & Islands

Chapter 4: Wind Facts: Wind Bands, Water Temperature & The Tide

Chapter 5: Wind Facts: Gusts & Lulls

Chapter 6: Wind Facts: Southern Hemisphere

Chapter 7: The Sea Breeze

Chapter 8: Sea Breeze with Gradient Wind

Chapter 9: Afternoon Winds: Gradient Wind Onshore

Chapter 10: Lakes, Mountains, Valleys & Peninsulas

Chapter 11: As the Sun Goes Down

Chapter 12: Afternoon & Evening Winds: Southern Hemisphere

Chapter 13: Gravity Waves, Billows & Surges

Chapter 14: The Message of The Clouds

Chapter 15: Light Airs

Chapter 16: Obstacles in The Wind

Chapter 17: Water Currents

Chapter 18: Waves

Chapter 19: Dangerous Waves

Chapter 20: At The Regatta

Chapter 21: Which Sails?

Chapter 22: Popular Racing Venues

Summary Sheets.


“It covers everything a dinghy sailor could possibly need to know about how wind and weather can affect you on the race course, and the knowledge here can help put you one step ahead of the competition before the start gun has even fired.”

- The Final Beat

“It's got a fairly simple rule of thumb which makes you look like you have a 4th sense for the weather.”

- Steve Cockerill, Rooster Sailing

"A good read for sailors of all abilities with plenty of illustrations to guide the club sailor and regular racers."

- Gybe Magazine

"The go-to book for racing sailors seeking to improve their understanding of the vagaries of the wind."

- Yachting Life

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