The Restoration Handbook for Yachts

The Essential Guide to Fibreglass Yacht Restoration & Repair

Enric Rosello

A step-by-step manual on yacht restoration and repair. A great guide for a complete boat overhaul and useful for those with smaller jobs to do.
Date Published :
May 2018
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
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822 Halftones, color
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ISBN : 9781912177134
Pages : 262
Dimensions : 11.25 X 8.25 inches
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Restoring a fibreglass yacht is not something for the faint-hearted, even if you don’t intend to do all the work yourself (you still need to understand the processes to be gone through). But the satisfaction of the job well done, not to mention the possible cost savings on buying a new yacht, are immense. Nevertheless, it is not something that should be undertaken lightly and without careful consideration. That is where this book comes in, as Enric Roselló takes you through his restoration of a 30-year-old 40-foot yacht. Broken down into 46 chapters, Enric details the stages of his restoration in chronological order. For each he starts with an overview of the task and the thinking behind the approach he took. Just these introductory pieces alone are ideal for someone contemplating a restoration (of all or part of a boat) to read before making the final decision as to whether to go ahead. For those who decide to take on the challenge, each overview is followed by an in-depth step-by-step account of what they did, accompanied by numerous informative photo sequences (with over 800 colour photos in total). The material in this book would be invaluable both to boat owners who are considering a complete overhaul and to those who have one or two smaller jobs to do. All possible subjects are covered, including dealing with osmosis, the interiors, deck, rigging, electrics and electronics, plumbing, engine, galley, heads and much more. The author is very honest about the amount of work and commitment required and also offers advice about when to call in the professionals and when to consider doing the work yourself. Anyone contemplating a complete or partial restoration is advised to read this book beforehand, so you know what is ahead, and to follow its guidance if you to decide to proceed.

About The Author

Enric Rosello is an experienced sailor and nautical journalist in Spain. He has a great deal of personal experience of boat restoration and repair, having carried out a complete refit of his own yacht, Samba.




1. Jobs to be done

2. On dry land

3. Stripping out interiors

4. Osmosis

5. Electrical installation (1 of 3)

6. Repairing the deck (1 of 3)

7. Repairing the deck (2 of 3)

8. Electrical installation (2 of 3)

9. Replacing Perspex side-windows

10. Anchor Locker (1 of 2)

11. Repairing the deck (3 of 3)

12. Mast (1 of 3)

13. Cleaning the winches

14. Painting the interiors

15. Engine (1 of 2)

16. Bow pulpit

17. Refitting the head

18. Bottom

19. Painting topsides

20. Painting the deck

21. Deck hardware (1 of 4)

22. Interior carpentry (1 of 7)

23. Deck hardware (2 of 4)

24. Interior carpentry (2 of 7)

25. Interior carpentry (3 of 7)

26. Installing the electronics

27. Renewing upholstery and foam fillings

28. Installing the refrigerator

29. Plumbing (1 of 2)

30. Plumbing (2 of 2)

31. Deck hardware (3 of 4)

32. Mast (2 of 3)

33. Mast (3 of 3)

34. Interior carpentry (4 of 7)

35. Engine (2 of 2)

36. Lining ceilings and walls

37. Anchor locker (2 of 2)

38. Deck hardware (4 of 4)

39. Interior carpentry (5 of 7)

40. Electrical installation (3 of 3)

41. Sails

42. Interior carpentry (6 of 7)

43. Interior carpentry (7 of 7)

44. Final tally

45. Appendix I: Waste management

46. Appendix II: Steering system.

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