The Foiling Dinghy Book

Dinghy Foiling From Start To Finish

Alan Hillman

An introduction to dinghy foiling enabling most competent sailors to get on the foils and fly! It explains how foils work and how to foil.
Date Published :
April 2018
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
Series :
Start to Finish
Illustration :
308 Halftones, color; 14 Diagrams; 3 Halftones, black and white
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ISBN : 9781912177035
Pages : 128
Dimensions : 9.5 X 6.75 inches
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Since the development of the International Moth into a fully foiling dinghy there has been an explosion in the popularity of the class with some of the world’s top sailors competing in it and many others enjoying the exhilaration of ‘flying’. However there is no doubt that it is a challenge to learn to fly a Moth and other designs are being introduced which are easier to sail and provide foiling opportunities for less dedicated, larger and less agile sailors. This book, the first to be published on dinghy foiling, explains how foils work and how to foil in the International Moth, Waszp and F101. Anyone who can sail a fast planning dinghy like the Laser should be able to foil and this book takes you through the skills and techniques required. Starting with the theory, the book goes through rigging and launching, then low riding sailing, tacking and gybing before moving onto flying and, of course, the foiling gybe and tack. All illustrated by hundreds of colour photographs and many diagrams. Alan Hillman has taught hundreds of sailors to foil, including some of the top names. Through this book his expertise is available to everyone and there is no excuse not to get up on the foils and fly!

About The Author

Alan Hillman has been involved in sailing and teaching for all of his life. He has run junior sailing programs in the US, was the first RYA Windsurfer Manager, set up Team Unlimited (a high performance sailing and windsurfing center), was Race Director for the Extreme 40s and the Barcelona World Race and established Pro-Vela (offering personalized foiling coaching). He now owns and runs Sportsboatworld (distributors of the SB20) and Foilingworld (the creators of the F101). He learned to foil the hard way – by teaching himself, involving many hours on, in and under the water. He has distilled this experience into the program offered by Pro-Vela and detailed in this book.


Alan Hillman. Contents. Foreword. PART ONE: BACKGROUND. 1 Introduction. 2 Foiling Dinghies. 3 How it Works. PART TWO: BASIC SET-UP & SKILLS. 4 The Parts of the Boat. 5 Pre-flight: International Moth / Waszp. 6 Pre-flight: F101. 7 The Secure Position. 8 The Sailing Position. 9 Sailing Off. 10 Turning Around. 11 Coming Ashore. 12 Capsize Recovery. PART THREE: FLYING. 13 First Flight. 14 Points of Sailing. 15 Speeding up the Turns. 16 Advanced Foil Adjustments. 17 Safety. 18 Conversion Kits. Glossary. Acknowledgements.


“Sailing a foiling Moth is not only fun, it is also quite a challenge to learn how to do it and this book provides a perfect manual. Alan Hillman has been coaching people to sail International Moths for many years and is just the right person to introduce you to this… Foiling is here to stay and will only grow and grow. With this book you will be able to understand what foiling is and how you can join in.”

- Mike Lennon, past National & European International Moth Champion

“If you have any thoughts of Foiling this season then this is the book for you. The Foiling Dinghy Book is the first ever book on this subject and provides a perfect introduction to the world of dinghy foiling.”

- Sailweb, February 2018

“If you had thought foiling was beyond you, have a read to Fernhurst’s great how-to-guide and think again.”

- Yachts & Yachting, April 2018

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