In Bed with the Atlantic

A young woman battle anxiety to sail the Atlantic Circuit

Kitiara Pascoe

A travel memoir of a young woman who had not stepped on a yacht prior to sailing over 18,000 miles with her partner across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and back over 3 years. She doubted her abilities and suffered from anxiety but discovered that it is only when you take such risks that you can connect with the world at large and oneself.
Date Published :
October 2018
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
Series :
Making Waves
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16 Halftones, color; 5 Maps
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781912177165
Pages : 264
Dimensions : 7.75 X 5 inches
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In Bed with the Atlantic is a travel memoir of a young woman, Kitiara Pascoe, as she goes from never having stepped on a yacht, to sailing over 18,000 miles – across the Atlantic, around the Caribbean and then back – in three years with her partner. At first, she was dogged by doubt, a belief that she wasn’t a ‘sailor’, never would be and that she was in no way capable of such an undertaking. She believed that the ocean was out to get her, that weather needed to be battled with and that she would forever be ruled by anxieties that plagued her. Woven into the narrative of the journey’s progression are stories from Kit’s childhood and life before the voyage, explaining her battles with anxiety and the feelings of being lost as a graduate in post-recession Britain. The book also relays her struggle with reconciling a life of travel with the expectations and experiences of those back home, at an age when most of her contemporaries were starting corporate careers and families. In her courage to leave everything she knows behind, she learns the history of the islands and their people, swims with turtles, explores strange cave systems, and learns to forage for food straight from the sea. But she also encounters hardships like running out of food and water, battling against storms, trying not to be struck by lightning, and discovering the crippling loneliness of sailing an ocean for months on end. Sailing back to the UK after three years Kit realises the colossal difference that sailing has made to her life and understanding of the world. She ponders how easy it is not to do something, to protect ourselves from risks and ridicule and everything that makes us uncomfortable. But now appreciates that it is only when we take the risk, that we get the reward and that we connect not just with the world at large, but also with ourselves.

About The Author

Kitiara Pascoe Was Born And Bought Up On The South Coast Of England, But Only Came To Sailing Through Her Partner. She Studied English And Creative Writing At Plymouth University And Then Worked In Exeter’s Waterstones For Two Years, Ending Up As Head Of Travel. She Has Written For Yachting Monthly From The Start Of Her Trip And Also Been Published In The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Matador, Popsugar And Surfgirl. In Bed With The Atlantic Is Her First Book.


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