GRP Repair Companion

Repairing GRP & FRP Boats

Pete Vincent, Penni Vincent

A compact guide to repairing a fibreglass boat to achieve a lasting, strong and invisible repair. The equipment, tools and material you need are detailed, followed by the 8 stages of glassfibre repair: from the vital initial preparation to the final polish - all amply illustrated. Finishing with a step-by-step guide to 8 common types of repair.
Date Published :
March 2020
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
Series :
Practical Companions
Illustration :
48 color photos, 15 diagrams
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ISBN : 9781912177301
Pages : 24
Dimensions : 8.74 X 3.15 inches
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Anyone who owns a fibreglass boat (GRP or FRP, yacht or dinghy) knows that it can get damaged in the rough and tumble of everyday use. Sometimes the damage is serious enough to warrant a professional repair (which the insurance company will probably pay for). But at other times it is more minor, and you might want to repair it yourself. But how do you repair it, so you can’t see the repair – get that really professional-looking finish? If you’ve ever asked that question, then this is the book for you. Long-term boat repairer, Pete Vincent, shares the trade secrets of making a lasting, strong and invisible repair. Penni Vincent, who does not share Pete’s experience, got him to explain it to her and together they have created this book – written by an expert, but understandable by a novice. They take you through the equipment, tools and materials you need and then explain the 8 stages of a glass fibre repair job: from the vital initial preparation to the final polish. This is followed by a step-by-step guide to making different repairs including small nicks, scratches and scuffs, star-crazing and deeper areas requiring fibreglassing. They also cover repairing deck / hull joints, non-slip surfaces, moving fittings and leak testing and repair. Given that the first bit of advice is that you need to make the damage worse before repairing it, it is reassuring to be able to follow the steps that they outline, amply illustrated by many photographs and diagrams. Splash-proof and spiral bound – allowing you to lay it out flat beside your repair – this little book will be a valued companion as you set about repairing your boat.

About The Author

Pete Vincent set up West Country Boat Repairs over 20 years ago, providing quality repairs to sailing dinghies of all types. Pete has also owned a chandlery, been chairman of two of the UK’s biggest dinghy class associations and editor of Dinghy Sailing Magazine. He has sailed competitively in a range of different classes for many years in both the UK and abroad.

Penni Vincent has a background in fundraising and sales. She now helps Pete run West Country Boat Repairs providing client liaison, administration support as well as hands-on repair work.


Introduction; What you need; Repair stages; Small Nicks; Scratches & scuffs; Non-slip surfaces; Star-crazing; Deck / hull joint; Deeper repairs; Moving fittings; Leak testing; Troubleshooting.

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