Curriculum Studies

The Reconceptualization

These groundbreaking essays have become foundational to the field of curriculum studies. The contributors are curriculum theorists who represent an avant-garde of the movement.
Date Published :
June 2014
Publisher :
Educator's International Press
Editor :
William Pinar
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ISBN : 9781891928086



This is the book that revolutionized American curriculum studies. Chosen as one of the educational “Books of the Century” by the University of South Carolina’s Museum of Education, the volume started a decade-long “reconceptualization” that has changed the thematic and methodological contours of the field. This groundbreaking collection brought together some of the best writing of the 1970s “avant-garde” of curriculum theorists, who with concerning themselves with the internal and existential experience of the public world, were attempting to understand the nature of educational experience. The works presented here functioned to not only criticize the “old” tradition of curriculum, but also to be critical of what was and is, and, to begin to look to the future creation of the new—-what we now know as the contemporary field of curriculum studies.

About The Author

William F. Pinar teaches at the University of British Columbia

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