Yorkshire Made Me

Lynne Fletcher, Jennifer Robertson

This unique book celebrates the inspirational Yorkshire men and women who are the best in their chosen field -- actors, politicians, athletes, writers, musicians, historians, educators and medics.
Date Published :
August 2014
Publisher :
Carnegie Publishing
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ISBN : 9781874181941

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From the giants of entertainment to sporting heroes bringing home Olympic Gold, these photographs tell of Yorkshire grown achievement and success, on the national and international stage. Yorkshire Made Me is about the pride of the great county, its exceptional people and its special places. What comes across most powerfully is that no matter how far Yorkshire men and women go, in distance or stardom, from the place of their birth, they are forever shaped by it, regularly return, and are intensely proud to belong. This gorgeously produced book highlights what makes Yorkshire so unique with the stars sharing in their own words what the county means to them. Included are actors Brian Blessed, Dame Judi Dench, Michael Palin, & Patrick Stewart, author Joanne Harris, artist David Hockney, Olympians Nicola Adams & Hannah Cockroft, astronaut Helen Sharman, and so many more that are proud to say they are from Yorkshire!


"Yorkshire Made Me by Jennifer Robertson & Lynne Fletcher is well designed for those interested in the famous people from Yorkshire, England. Thirty-eight famous people, renowned in many different fields, are each given a smart-looking four page spread with crisp black and white photos and a brief outline of their lives and careers. It's attractively presented and interesting if you enjoy knowing about famous people. It renders a lot of pride in those who are Yorkshire native."

- Bonnie Neely, Real Travel Adventures

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