Primrose Hill

A History

Martin Sheppard

The first history of an iconic London landmark
Date Published :
August 2014
Publisher :
Carnegie Publishing
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781859362228

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Primrose Hill exercises a hold upon the imagination of everyone who climbs it. The site of William Blake’s vision of the sun, and the subject of one of W. H. Auden’s earliest poems, it is a green sanctuary offering superb and ever-changing views over London. Long before it became a public park in 1842, Primrose Hill attracted duelists, poets, revolutionaries, soldiers and sportsmen, as well as prospective developers and large numbers of ordinary Londoners. Martin Sheppard’s scintillating history of Primrose Hill, one of London’s great landmarks, recounts the many remarkable events on the hill over the centuries. He also conveys the everyday experience of visitors to it since it first became a popular place of excursion in the eighteenth century.


"Primrose Hill is London’s crowning glory. In New York, Paris or Shanghai the place to experience the best view of the city is from a really high building. Not so London, which is best seen from a gentle, very English hilltop. For all London lovers, Martin Sheppard’s book is a truly delightful addition to the city’s history."

- Sir Terry Farrel

"Primrose Hill: a History by Martin Sheppard, who is a proud resident of this lovely area, described by many a writer through the centuries. Primrose Hill, which offers the best views of London, dates back before the Norman Conquest of England with intriguing and varied history of its use. It belonged to Westminster Abbey in the Middle Ages and then became a leper colony for women. King Henry VI gave the hill to Eton College. In 1842 with a public outcry not to turn the beloved hill into a cemetery,, the location became the first public park in England. Many times through the centuries the location has been proposed for various building ventures, but it has been remarkably saved by public outcry. Anyone who lives in or visits London must go up the beautiful hill and appreciate this wonderful space. You'll find this account of its intriguing history to be very readable for anyone interested in the area."

- Bonnie Neely, Real Travel Adventures

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