Superlatives USA

The Largest, Smallest, Longest, Shortest, and Wackiest Sites in America

Melissa Jones

Date Published :
March 2005
Publisher :
Capital Books
Illustration :
40-50 b/w photos
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781931868853
Pages : 176
Dimensions : 8.5 X 5.5 inches
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The nation's biggest tricycle, its sunniest city, its fastest glacier, its most secure prison---the list of American superlatives is long and nowhere can travelers buy a guide to find them all. Superlatives USA provides a wealth of information and humorous stories about the sites and the curators who watch over them for more than 100 of America's superlatives like: the biggest T-Rex skeleton in Chicago and the largest door in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The book is organized by state, making it easy to pinpoint locations on a drive, like seeing the country's smallest church on your way to Disneyland. Also included are photos, directions to the sites, and information on fees and hours.


The quirky travel guide includes driving directions and contact information for more than 200 cheap or free curiosities, like the country's smallest church, which sits on a pond in Oneida, New York, and the largest catsup bottle (actually a 170-foot water tower) in Collinsville, Illinois.

- Budget Living Magazine, March 2005

It's fun to flip through and find such items as the ‘biggest peach'(South Carolina -- Georgia should sue); ‘largest bull's head' (South Dakota); and biggest Dick Tracy cartoon (Oklahoma).

- New Orleans Times-Picayune, March 2005

A brief history and description is provided for each entry, followed by directions, admittance fees, web sites, and telephone numbers...Readers will enjoy browsing this ephemeral little travel book.

- Library Journal, April 2005

Some of these superlative sights are sublime. Others are ridiculous. Either way, their very existence teases many a motorist into pulling over for a closer look. In her new book, 'Superlatives USA: The Largest, Smallest, Longest, Shortest, and Wackiest Sites in America,' Melissa L. Jones directs road trippers to some of them.

- Jayne Clark, USA Today, April 2005

In a country where big is better, this entertaining guide covers superlatives in all forms: largest, yes, but also smallest, longest, shortest and wackiest sites....Sure it's goofy, but it's also great fun.

- June Sawyers, "The Resourceful Traveler", The Chicago Tribune, April 2005

Hidden in the heart of College Park is a tiny, tranquil airport. Not such a big deal? It is to author Melissa Jones, who made sure the aviation station landed in her new book ‘Superlatives USA: The Largest, Smallest, Longest, Shortest and Wackiest Sites in America.'

- The Washington Post, March 2005

Readers can amuse themselves for hours with the fact-filled book ‘Superlatives USA: The Largest, Smallest, Longest, Shortest and Wackiest Sites in America.'Compiled by Melissa L. Jones, the book is crammed with descriptions of odd things in every state.

- Dennie Hall, The Oklahoman, April 2005

Beware taking this wonderful book on your next American road trip. You might decide that Disneyland isn't nearly as interesting as the smallest courthouse, biggest disco ball, windiest spot or the tallest roller coaster in the country....This book is the must-have travel book of the year.

- Statesman Journal (Salem, OR), May 2005

'Superlatives USA' covers the largest, smallest, longest, shortest and wackiest sites in the country. Author Melissa L. Jones...does revel in the nation's diversity....Sure it's goofy, but it's also great fun

- Janet Keeler, St. Petersburg (FL) Times, June 2005

Not the average road trip. Melissa Jones cataloged the country's largest, longest, smallest, oldest - basically anything ending in ‘est' for her new book 'Superlatives USA.' There are natural wonders, campy items contrived for tourists, and many curiosities.

- Brad Tuttle, Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, August 2005

A...compendium of the nation's fastest glacier, sunniest spot, biggest fake dinosaurs, oldest wooden whaling ship and other esoterica, with directions. Random and fun.

- Christina Delsol, San Francisco Chronicle, July 2005

Melissa had an article published in the July/ August 2005 issue of AAA Go Magazine. "Melissa L. Jones is the author of Superlatives USA, a book about the biggest and littlest things in the country."

- AAA Go Magazine, August 2005

You have to give Jones credit; she drove her Mazda back and forth across the country, racking up more than 185,000 miles in the pursuit of the ‘-ests' that make America what it is. For example, the largest collection of giant peanuts is in Dothan, Ala., and the largest six-pack graces the City Brewery in LaCrosse, Wis. This slim book of superlatives will fit right into your glove compartment, perfect for breaking the monotony of long summer drives with your family that usually produce nothing but expletives.

- Spencer Rumsey, Newsday, July 2005

Jones searches America for extremes: huge trees, an 80-foot tire (built as a Ferris wheel) and that perennial favorite, the giant ball of twine. Books like this often condescend -- hey, cool people, look what these rubes did -- but Jones recounts her superlatives with affection....By the way, the country's largest hairball (are you sure you want to know this?) is in a Missouri veterinary museum.

- Jerry V. Haines, The Washington Post, July 2005

RVers who travel the country and have their own favorite quirky sites will enjoy 'Superlatives USA' by Melissa Jones....The travel guide to quirky sites and the curators who watch over them are organized by state, making it easy to pinpoint locations.

- TrailerLife magazine, September 2005

If you like to visit unusual places in the U.S. -- or just read about them -- then you must pick up a copy of ‘Superlatives USA' where you'll find a compendium of interesting man-made and naturally occurring sites in America....By interspersing natural wonders with man-made curiosities, ‘Superlatives USA' exposes an fascinating cross-section of American beauty and culture....A must-have for the active and armchair traveler with a penchant for quirky, road-less-traveled destinations.

- Ann Rapp, TravelSmart Newsletter, August 2005

A survey of odder destinations organized in a state-by-state arrangement for easy consultation. From the biggest ball of paint to the longest porch and the world's largest giant rocking chair, Superlatives USA will make a welcome guide to the zaniest of destinations - and will make them easy to find, giving not just descriptions and black and white photos, but directions.

- Midwest Book Review, September 2005

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