More Alive With Color

Personal Colors - Personal Style

Leatrice Eiseman

New colors . . . new palettes . . . a new you! The world's leading color expert shows you how to achieve personal fashion style through the colors that will energize your wardrobe, flatter your face, and make shopping easy.
Date Published :
February 2006
Publisher :
Capital Books
Series :
Capital Lifestyles
Illustration :
Full color throughout
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What is the best thing you can do when you don’t have a thing to wear? What’s the secret ingredient that can instantly improve the way you look and feel? It’s simple - discover your personal colors! America’s color guru Leatrice Eiseman will show you how in her fun and practical new book, More Alive with Color! Here Lee will introduce you to her original, easy-to-follow "Color Clock" system - the quick way to find and use the colors that reflect your personal style and transform the way you look. Based on the colors of your eyes, hair and skin and your psyche-discover your personal range of beautiful colors in Leatrice’s "colortimes": Sunrise with the sparkling jewel tones of dawn, Sunlight with the soft pastels and fruit shades of noon, or Sunset with the fiery hues that mellow into dusk. Then add those natural yet practical Crossover colors to expand your wardrobe without breaking your budget. Choosing clothes, hair color, and makeup has never been easier. Leatrice will show you how to pull your wardrobe together with your personal colors - which are sexy, which are powerful for interviews and such; which accessories will magnify your personal style; and which cosmetic and hair colors will make your skin glow and flatter your natural coloring. More than any other color system, More Alive with Color will give you the freedom to use color in your wardrobe with self-confidence, add trends without losing your style, plan a wedding where you are surrounded by your best colors, organize your closet and mix colors with ease; and set out for office, party, or lunch with friends knowing you look your best.


"'More Alive with Color' by Leatrice Eiseman explains how to be stylish by using a diverse palette."

- Publisher’s Weekly

"Both books are based on Eiseman's three Colortime concepts: Sunrise, Sunlight and Sunset. Each is represented by a different palette, and derived by eye, hair and skin tones....Eiseman updated the trio of palettes for her second book with what she describes as more current shades and tones."

- Daniela Gilbert, Women’s Wear Daily

"Find the right shade of a color you thought you could never wear. Believe it or not, there is a red for everyone as well as a green, a yellow and an orange. The trick is to find the hue for you, and to do that you need to understand the undertones in your skin, explained Leatrice Eiseman, author of More Alive With Color (Capital Books, $29.95)."

- Elizabeth Wellington, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Consumers are less intimidated by color than ever before, says author Leatrice Eiseman, also a Color Marketing Group member. She has written several books on color, including ‘More Alive With Color,’ being released next month by Capital Books."

- Susan Hall, Louisville Courier-Journal

"Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and author of More Alive With Color: ‘The biggest change is a calming down of color and more integration of neutrals, yarn dyes and garment washes,’ Eiseman says. ‘We're also seeing more white and off-white. The newer direction is softened. Times are tumultuous. So much is happening that we want our colors to be calmer and more muted.’"


"Leatrice Eiseman, author of More Alive with Color(Capital Books, 2006), said the CTA should choose hot pink, because it's more vibrant and attention-getting than the color's softer, more complacent shades. ‘That's going to make all the difference in the world,’ she said. Indeed, the vibrancy of such shades of pink has made the color appealing to both men and women, Eiseman said."

- Chicago Tribune

"The warm golds of the current fashion season fit nicely into what color expert Leatrice Eiseman, calls the ‘sunset’ color palette in her latest book, More Alive With Color (Capital Books; March 2006; $30). Eiseman organizes colors into palettes of morning, noon and night. The ‘earthy’ colors so popular now blend right into the ‘sunset.’“The elements of fire and earth underscore the sunset (p.m.) palette and speak of a mellowed, golden evening,” says Eiseman. “Warm tones prevail, as they light up your predominantly golden undertones."

- Paramus Post

"Using hair, eye and skin color as a guide, she designates categories such as sunrise, sunlight and sunset. Then she adds “crossover colors,” which she says are those most often found in nature and work well for accessories ... she addresses a wide range of issues including proper makeup, hair coloring, men’s business attire (subtle) and a personal quiz...And the most interesting chapter is about what your favorite color says about you. Green, for instance, implies stability, balance, a good listener and a tendency to gossip."

- Kansas City Star

"...teaches readers how to discover what colors best complement them. It goes on to offer guides to designing makeup, clothes, even rooms and houses, all based on personal color choices.It mainly is intended for women, but it does have a chapter entitled ‘For Men Only’ that deals almost entirely with business clothes."

- Dan Hays, Statesman Journal

"'More Alive with Color'...helps consumers transform the way they look and feel by identifying the best colors to reflect their personal style, and providing a portable color guide for easy shopping. More Alive with Color features Colortime palettes that take into account eye, hair and skin color to identify an individual's personal color palette. The palettes are displayed with the same PANTONE for fashion and home color system that professionals have trusted for years. … Now consumers can take these color palettes on the go to make shopping fun and easy."

- Dexigner

"With the launch of the SCP-3100 by SANYO in four trendy colors, Sprint and SANYO are appealing to consumers who like to make a statement by the accessories they carry,' said Leatrice Eiseman, color specialist and author of six books on color, including the 'Color Answer Book' and 'More Alive with Color.' ...Eiseman goes on to state that 'up to sixty percent of the reason we buy a product is based on color."

- Businesswire

"It goes far beyond how to apply makeup and coordinate clothing, surveying how a body's natural colors lend toward inclinations such as using pastels or natural colors reflecting sunrise, sunlight and sunset. Packed with color examples throughout – and not just your usual model displays – a page of lip colors displays lipstick examples at their best – MORE ALIVE WITH COLOR is a winner for any who would understand how color choice ultimately works."

- Midwest Book Review

"More Alive with Color is the latest book from Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. It helps consumers transform the way they look and feel by identifying the best colors to reflect their personal style, and provides a portable color guide for easy shopping."

- Graphic Design USA

"Dear Marylou:My favorite color is purple, but I seldom see it in the stores. Why? -M.N., Baltimore. Dear M.N.: As an important fashion color, purple goes in cycles. The good news is that this color will be cycling right into your favorite store in about a month. In her new book, ‘More Alive With Color,’ color-expert extraordinaire Leatrice Eiseman has a chapter about what your favorite color says about you….Go to page 139 of this impressive new book to read more about yourself."

- Marylou Luther, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Eisman has spent a lifetime studying the effect of color in our lives. In a gorgeously illustrated book, she shows men and women how to achieve personal style through colors that energize the wardrobe, flatter the face and make shopping easier."

- Jean Patteson, Orlando Sentinel

"These Days, One Hue Won’t Do…Color palettes are in , and an expert says that each one ‘speaks to a real human need. . . There’s a spirit of new direction right now. What’s hot is not one color. There are fewer hot colors and more color combinations,’ says Leatrice Eiseman . . .whose most recent book, More Alive with Color examines the connection between color and emotion."

- St. Petersburg Times

Use color to create comfort, space … Question: What color should my office be if I want to boost productivity? Answer: According to The Color Answer Book by Leatrice Eiseman (Capital Books, $30), there is no one answer to that question. Ms. Eiseman is the founder and director of the Pantone Color Institute and is a color consultant to many industries. She says that if you are evaluating color for your own office, your goal should be to seek out and use colors that raise your comfort level, ones that appeal to you. There is no "formula color that works every time in every situation.

- Dallas Morning News

White hot for summer, white is not only the coolest color, it's white hot. WHITE. It's pure, it's clean, it's fresh, it's uncomplicated. White is definitely a standout compared with other colors. "There is kind of an aura that white has today," said Leatrice Eiseman, consultant to Pantone, director of the Pantone Color Institute and author of "More Alive With Color" (Capital Books, $30) and other books.

- The Wichita Eagle

"More Alive With Color: Personal Colors-Personal Style By Leatrice Eiseman is the second book by the world-renowned color authority who helps people and businesses feel alive by choosing the right colors for their look and mood and for the image they want to create. In this book Ms. Eiseman has made it very simple and fascinating for every person, no matter what his or her skin color or nationality, to create their own very best looks. Instead of choosing colors by season, as was the classification in the Color Me Beautiful scheme years ago, the Colortime Pallettes are named by time of day: Sunrise, Sunlight, and Sunset. There are charts of these color pallettes and directions as to how to ascertain which is most beautiful for you. A chapter deals with color to fit your changing moods and various needs throughtout a day or a lifetime. By using your Colortime Pallette to create your wardrobe, it becomes easy to decide what to wear for each occasion and how to pack easily for business or pleasure because everything coordinates, saving you time and money. This book is a MUST for everyone who feels frumpy or who wants to make a good business impression, or who just wants to feel great about looking in the mirror"

- Bonnie Neely, Real Travel Adventures