How To Be A Liberal

The Story of Liberalism and the Fight for its Life

Ian Dunt

From Brexit Britain to Trump's America to Orban's Hungary, liberalism is under attack.
Date Published :
September 2020
Publisher :
Canbury Press
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781912454419
Pages : 496
Dimensions : 9.2 X 6 inches
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‘A tour de force.’ – THE SECRET BARRISTER

‘Clear-eyed and hard-headed. His defence of liberalism is political writing at its most urgent  and engaging .’ – NICK COHEN, OBSERVER COLUMNIST

‘Dunt’s gift for making complicated issues comprehensible is second to none. Courageous.’ – JAMES O’BRIEN, LBC

The authoritarian right is taking control. From Viktor Orban in Hungary, to Brexit in Britain, to Donald Trump in America, nationalists are launching an all-out assault on liberal values. In this groundbreaking new book, political journalist Ian Dunt tells the story of liberalism, from its birth in the fight against absolute monarchy to the modern-day resistance against the new populism. In a soaring narrative that stretches from the battlefields of the English Civil War to the 2008 financial crash and beyond, this vivid, page-turning book explains the political ideas which underpin the modern world. But it is also something much more than that – it is a rallying cry for those who still believe in freedom and reason.

About The Author

Ian Dunt is editor of He specializes in issues around immigration, civil liberties and social justice and appears as a pundit on BBC TV, Sky News and Al-jazeera.


When in the course of human events it falls on us to resist, this makes a welcome guidebook.

- Kirkus

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