Brexit Without The Bullshit

The Facts on Food, Jobs, Schools, and the NHS

Gavin Esler

Veteran BBC journalist Gavin Esler reveals the impact of Britain's big change. In seven succinct chapters, he sets out how leaving the European Union will affect UK food and diet: healthcare, jobs and industry, education, and travel to Europe. Brexit is not an event, it's a process that will last for years.
Date Published :
January 2021
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Canbury Press
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ISBN : 9781912454358
Pages : 176
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'Punchy, pithy and short.' – POLLY TOYNBEE, GUARDIAN COLUMNIST

'In an ideal world every citizen would read this essential book, and think hard.'  – PROFESSOR AC GRAYLING, ACADEMIC

The broadcaster and journalist Gavin Esler sets out how the most momentous change in Britain for decades will change everyday life. In 7 succinct chapters, he reveals the profound impact of leaving the European Union on:

• Food and diet

• Health and the NHS

• Jobs and industry

• Education

• Travel to Europe

From the food markets of Kent to NHS operating theatres to the boardrooms of big employers, Brexit throws up many surprises.

Brexit Without the Bullshit is not about the Brexit you were told you were getting. It's about the one that is arriving.



Chapter 1. Brexit &amp

Our Food

Chapter 2. Brexit, Our Health &amp

the NHS

Chapter 3. Brexit, Our Money &amp

Our Jobs

Chapter 4. Brexit &amp

Our Children’s Education

Chapter 5. Brexit &amp


Chapter 6. Brexit &amp

Our Country

Chapter 7. A No Deal Brexit

The Boring Bits: Glossary and Endnotes


Esler lays out with stark clarity the effects a Brexit will have on every significant aspect of our lives. In an ideal world every citizen would read this essential book, and think hard. This is the clearest, most uncompromising and most valuable statement of the facts available; and it could save us from a disastrous mistake.

– Professor AC Grayling, academic

- AC Grayling, Professor AC Grayling Twitter feed

Here's the really useful book: Brexit Without Bullshit by Gavin Esler. Everything a good Remainer needs to persuade the Brexiters, punchy, pithy and short.

– Polly Toynbee, Guardian columnist

- Polly Toynbee, Twitter

If you want a pithy, sober, clear-headed summary of what Brexit is actually likely to look like, @gavinesler ’s new book is spot on. Such a welcome antidote to all the whipped up sentiment - calm, factual, rigorous.

– Dr Rachel Clarke, NHS doctor and campaigner

- Dr Rachel Clarke, Dr Rachel Clarke Twitter feed

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