Diana: I'm Going to be Me

the People's Princess revealed in her own words

Phil Dampier

Date Published :
June 2017
Publisher :
Barzipan Publishing
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ISBN : 9780992613396
Pages : 92
Dimensions : 7.8 X 6 inches
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It is now 20 years since this iconic royal figure died at the tragically young age of 36 in a Paris car crash. Her powerful legacy lives on through her sons, Princes William and Harry, and a new generation is becoming aware of her extraordinary life for the first time.

Released on the 1st July on what would have been Princess Diana’s 56th Birthday, this collection of quotes celebrates the life she led; her achievements as a campaigner, philanthropist and mother as well as the hardships she endured. The book takes us from Diana’s troubled childhood, through her rushed and ultimately unhappy marriage to Prince Charles and the uneasy relationship with the Royal Family, to her last years of failed flings and untimely death.

But it also highlights the depths of her care and compassion, her unshakable love of family, her groundbreaking campaigns on AIDS and land mines and her cheeky, sometimes risqué, sense of humor. Beautiful and vulnerable, and one of the most popular and most photographed public figures, she lived the whole of her adult life in the glare of an intense media spotlight yet managed to retain her dignity and identity.

In this first ever comprehensive collection of Diana’s most memorable quotes, veteran royal reporter Phil Dampier reveals the heart and soul of an incredible woman who is missed by millions around the world.

Phil Dampier has chosen a selection of her most memorable quotes that reveal the personality of the woman behind the tiara; the woman who said “don’t call me an icon”, but remains one of Britain’s most iconic figures 20 years on.

About The Author

PHIL DAMPIER has been writing about the royal family for 30 years. Between 1986 and 1991 he covered the royal beat for The Sun, Britain’s biggest-selling daily newspaper, and frequently engaged in conversations with Princess Diana while reporting her weekly duties, as well as numerous holidays. As a freelance journalist for the last 25 years, he has travelled to more than 60 countries, following members of the House of Windsor, and his articles have been published in dozens of newspapers and magazines worldwide. He often appears on radio and TV, and gave expert analysis for Global National TV of Canada during their coverage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s tour of British Columbia in 2016.


"Diana: I'm Going to Be Me: The People's Princess Revealed in Her Own Words by Phil Dampier (Barzipan Publishing), collects Diana's most memorable quotes."

- USA Today

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