Cwmtwp: Gossip From the Valleys

Cwmtwp: Gossip From the Valleys

David Jandrell

Author David Jandrell's latest work of humor. Archaeologist Nigel discovers a village newsletter from the distant past: the year 2005. He tries to interpret the events it describes in order to unravel the mysteries of Cwmtwp.
Date Published :
December 2009
Publisher :
Y Lolfa
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781847710994
Pages : 96
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Cwmtwp combines Welsh Valleys humor with a hilarious parody of local newspapers. It is well into the future and archaeologist Nigel is given a mysterious object called a "CD-ROM" which is found to contain a village newsletter called "What's On in Cwmtwp". Will it help him unravel the mysteries of this ancient civilization? Packed full of jokes, "Cwmtwp" is by the same author as the best-selling "Welsh Valleys Humour".

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