Chris and the Christmas Angel

Wendy Maartens

One Christmas Chris sees a real angel. Not one with a golden robe and a halo. A real Christmas Angel with a bicycle and a lunch box and a radio … and a hole in his one shoe.
Date Published :
April 2018
Publisher :
Protea Boekhuis
Contributor(s) :
Anneliese Voigt-Peters
Illustration :
color illustrations
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ISBN : 9781485308522
Pages : 40
Dimensions : 10.6 X 8.3 inches
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Eight-year-old Chris loves spending time with Uncle Sol, the security guard. Uncle Sol teaches him about the Evening Star and the Milky Way, Orion and the Scorpion. On Christmas Eve Chris wants to know which star is the Star of Bethlehem. “I think it became a shooting star and shattered into millions of tiny pieces. Every little piece got stuck somewhere in someone’s heart and this helps us to love one another,” Uncle Sol replies. When Chris wants to know if you will be able to see an angel if you go to the stars in an actual rocket, Uncle Sol just smiles. But on Christmas morning he has a surprise for Chris. It is a message from an angel …

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