Children's Book Of Irish Folktales

Kevin Danaher

The special magic of the Irish imagination shines forth in these fourteen authentic folktales.
Date Published :
November 2018
Publisher :
Mercier Press
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781781176443
Pages : 160
Dimensions : 7.75 X 5 inches
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The special magic of the Irish imagination shines forth in these fourteen authentic folktales.

These tales are filled with the mystery and adventure of a land of lonely country roads and isolated farms, humble cottages and lordly castles, rolling fields and tractless bogs. They tell of ghosts and giants, of strange happenings and wondrous deeds, of fairies and witches and of fools and kings. Above all in these stories there is a sense of the full wonder of a world where the marvellous and the unexpected can always happen, and nothing is ever quite as it seems.

About The Author

Kevin Danaher was born in Athea County Limerick in 1915 and educated at University College Dublin and the universities of Berlin and Leipzig. After service as a captain in the Irish army during the Emergency, he became a full-time ethnologist with the Irish Folklore Commission (later the Department of Irish Folklore in University College Dublin). He was as fine a writer as he was a folklorist and his many works include The Year in Ireland (1972) and Irish Country Households (1975, reissued 1999). His research provided the basis for the Folk Park at Bunratty, county Limerick.


1: The Boy who had no Story 9
2: Carroll the Car Man 20
3: The Pig-Headed Child 36
4: Tuppence and Thruppence 42
5: The Proud Girl 53
6: The Wise Men of Muing an Chait 57
7: Seán na Scuab 71
8: The Fool and the Feather Mattress 81
9: The Tailor and the Hare Woman 85
10: The Gambler and the Hare 96
11: The Tailor of Rathkeale 101
12: The Fairy Path 122
13: The Griffin 127
14: Jack and the Friendly Animals 144

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