Last Rites

Last Rites

John Humphries

A mysterious telephone. A woman's desparate plea for help. A small community with a dark secret. Can Jack do the right thing, before it's too late?
Date Published :
February 2017
Publisher :
Y Lolfa
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ISBN : 9781784612535
Pages : 288
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Help! He's trying to kill me. With a practiced thumb, Jack Flynt flips the cap off a bottle of Stella Artois and listens to a woman pleading for her life on the other end of a black antique telephone. Picked up in a junk shop on a whim, it has sat silent on the small table tucked beneath the window of his Paris apartment where the cables hang frayed and lifeless from the back of the casing. He suspects his imagination, fuelled by too much Stella Artois, is playing tricks - until the woman calls back, again and again. The ringing telephone becomes an obsession that leads Flynt to Ile d'Iroise, an island off the French coast, a refuge for a community of Breton-language speakers hiding a dark secret. If he finds the mystery caller he'll find the person trying to kill her. Unless he's too late! "Flynt is an engaging character, the plight of the Bretons is forcefully presented, and the puzzle of the Bakelite phone will keep readers guessing to the end."-Publishers Weekly. "Humphries makes it work, believably and dramatically. An unusual and engaging thriller."--Booklist

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