Hear the Echo

Rob Gittins

An intriguing and immensely entertaining novel, vividly contrasting life in the 1930s and 40s with life in the present day through evocative and vibrant prose. The sophisticated dual-narrative will have you gripped from the start.
Date Published :
January 2019
Publisher :
Y Lolfa
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781784615239
Pages : 382
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In the 1930s, Chiara emigrates from Italy to forge a new and better life in Wales. She works in an Italian cafe in a close-knit mining town, encountering religious bigotry, xenophobia, and hardship as she and her Italian boss battle to make a success of their new life. But at the heart of their endeavor is a love triangle which threatens to destroy everything they have. Meanwhile present-day Welsh-Italian Frankie struggles to find the money and hope to hold her family together in the same Valleys community. With her husband letting her down at every turn, she faces tough decisions about how far she's prepared to go to keep the wolf from the door, and whether what she has is actually worth fighting for. Though they're living in very different time periods and situations, the two women's lives reveal unexpected connections and commonalities, not least of which is their strength and determination to face down whatever life throws at them.

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