Across the Severn

Across the Severn

Migration of a Welsh Family

Eva Goldsworthy

Across the Severn is Eva Goldsworthy's tribute to her parents, Joe and May. It tells of how the couple had to uproot themselves and adapt to new circumstances in order to survive the hardships of the early twentieth century.
Date Published :
December 2009
Publisher :
Y Lolfa
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781847711175
Pages : 128
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Across the Severn gives a fascinating insight into the social history of early twentieth century Wales. The story begins with the hardships of life in the Welsh mining village of Ogmore Vale and describes the author's parents forced uprooting and their efforts to survive the hardships of industrial stagnation. Embittered by the miners' strike of 1921, the family decide to leave Wales for an uncertain future in Gloucester. We follow their lives as the struggle to settle in a hostile environment. The author's lively and honest style makes "Across the Severn" an enjoyable and fascinating read. She has set personal events and beliefs against the wider historical and political backdrop, painting a vivid picture of how individuals coped with the challenges of unprecedented economic and social change.

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