A Capable Journalist

Derek Bellis

For more than half a century journalist Derek Bellis has run a freelance news agency covering north Wales.
Date Published :
February 2020
Publisher :
Y Lolfa
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c.40 photos
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781784617257
Pages : 208
Dimensions : 8.5 X 5.5 inches
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For more than half a century journalist Derek Bellis has run a freelance news agency covering north Wales. In this autobiography he recalls the stories he’s covered, such as the Investiture of Prince Charles, an interview with The Beatles, the loss of 15 holidaymakers in a river tragedy in 1966, and the astonishing story of a chapel minister who mutilated and photographed dead bodies. A fascinating read for anyone interested in the events of the past half-century. With fake news prevalent and local journalism facing an uncertain future, this is a timely reminder of a golden era of fair news gathering.

About The Author

Derek Bellis is the oldest news journalist in Wales who is still working, albeit part time. Educated at Colwyn Bay Grammar School and after two years National Service with the Royal Marines, he worked as a journalist on the 'North Wales Pioneer', the 'Northants Evening Telegraph', 'Liverpool Daily Post' and 'Echo', 'News Chronicle' and 'Daily Herald' before setting up his news agency in north Wales in 1963.


1 Those halcyon days; 2 How it all began; 3 Such an enjoyable life; 4 Serving the Queen – by order!; 5 Heat and sand; 6 North Wales – Northants – Merseyside; 7 Life in the ‘Fleet Street of the north’; 8 From Manchester back to my roots; 9 My own boss; 10 All the news fit to print; 11 Amazing inquests; 12 The Investiture; 13 Some violent campaigns; 14 Saturday night fever; 15 A date with the Beatles; 16 Crime and punishment; 17 Great characters; 18 A strange tragedy in the hills; 19 Sea rescues; 20 The quirky and unusual; 21 The biggest fire I ever saw; 22 Politics is fun; 23 Among those I have met; 24 Truly greats; 25 Those with smiling faces; 26 Famous funerals; 27 A little night music – and police generosity; 28 Law and order; 29 A very personal mystery; 30 Thursday’s man; 31 Prayers for a hospice; 32 The day the sea invaded Towyn; 33 Don’t always believe them; 34 What an uplifting story; 35 The greatest comedian ever; 36 ‘The road to opportunity’; 37 Political correctness; 38 Lost in care; 39 Fake news?; Epilogue

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