But Perhaps, Just Maybe...

Tuvia Dikman Oro

A beautifully-illustrated picture book for young readers, that teaches children to have the patience to look past annoyances, and not judge people too quickly.
Date Published :
March 2022
Publisher :
Green Bean Books
Contributor(s) :
Menahem Halberstadt
Illustration :
50 color illustrations
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781784387365
Pages : 32
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"But perhaps, just maybe." suggested Hedgehog, "Mr Billy Goat saw a big hole in the road and sealed it off so no one would fall in."

A beautifully-illustrated picture book for young readers, that teaches children to have the patience to look past annoyances, and not judge people too quickly.

Duck and Hedgehog wheel their broken bicycles to Mrs. Hoopoe's Bicycle Shop to their flat tires fixed. Suddenly, Cat whizzes past them on her motorcycle, leaving Duck and Hedgehog choking on clouds of dust. Duck is annoyed, but Hedgehog suggests that maybe Cat is rushing off to see her injured sister.

Afterwards, Duck and Hedgehog have to navigate around a rock rolled into the street by Mr. Billy Goat. Once again, Duck is irritated, but Hedgehog wonders if Mr. Billy Goat was trying to fill a pothole in the road. When Duck and Hedgehog, tired and hungry, want to snack on raspberries along the way, they discover that Mrs. Fox has picked all the fruit. 

Duck is understandably grumpy, but Hedgehog imagines Mrs. Fox might have picked the berries to share with friends. Finally, at Mrs. Bird’s Bicycle Shop, Duck and Hedgehog catch up with Cat, Mr. Billy Goat and Mrs. Fox. 

As everyone enjoys raspberry juice together, Duck realizes that Hedgehog was right all along, and that his friends each had good reasons for unintentionally creating the earlier problems!

About The Author

Tuvia Dikman Oro lives in a small village in the Galilee, in a place where a stream opens up and you can see the sea and also, in the distance, an ancient fortress. He prepares honey and sweet, healthy spreads. He has three children and he loves electric guitars. This is his first book for children.

Menahem Halberstadt began to draw in school, scribbling in notebooks and creating funny creatures and characters. Since school, all of his work has been inspired by his interests as a creator, to create worlds of characters with emotions and stories. Halberstadt studied painting and drawing under the instruction of the famous Israeli artists Leonid Balaklav and Aram Gershuni. Following this, he studied animation at the Betzalel Academy and graphic design at Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem. Halberstadt works as an illustrator with a number of publishing houses in Israel. He lives in Israel with his wife and four children.

His other books for Green Bean include A Basket Full of Figs, In the Market of Zakrobat, and The Donkey and the Garden.


“But, in fact, just maybe, the book proves that we can sometimes admit when we are wrong and move forward.”

- Jewish Book Council

“Halberstadt’s palette combines earth tones and more vibrant ones in a quirky mix which really vibes with Oro’s text, which is translated here from the original Hebrew by Gila Kahn-Hoffman.”

- Sydney Taylor Schmooze

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