Bomberg / Marr

Spirits in the Mass

Piano Nobile Publications

Published to accompany the exhibtion at Piano Nobile, Bomberg / Marr: Spirits in the Mass is a fully-illustrated publication examining for the first time the unique relationship between David Bomberg and Leslie Marr, evolving from that of teacher and student to peership, friendship and sustained inter-generational artistic dialogue.
Date Published :
August 2022
Publisher :
Piano Nobile
Illustration :
Full color illustrated
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781901192506
Pages : 74
Dimensions : 11 X 9.4 inches
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Published to accompany the exhibition at Piano Nobile that concentrates on the years after the Second World War when Bomberg became an influential teacher at the Borough Polytechnic, the fully illustrated catalog Bomberg / Marr: Spirits in the Mass will be the first examination of the personal and creative bonds uniting these two pioneers of modern British painting.

Both artists endeavored to strip the external world to its bare essentials. Often using powerful organic tonalities, Bomberg and Marr worked toward a vigorous expression of their subjects through an architectural and analytic, yet fraught and unstable formal construction. Alongside other much-admired students at the Borough Polytechnic such as Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff, Marr sought out what Bomberg described as 'the spirit in the mass': a sense of immanence, of intangible significance held in the painter's communion with the shifting solidity of the physical world.

Presenting a discerning selection of major works, Bomberg / Marr: Spirits in the Mass will place Marr, for the first time, in his rightful place as not just a pupil of Bomberg's but a peer. Through these rarely exhibited landscapes, self-portraits, and still lifes from private collections and Marr's personal collection, this catalogue aims to achieve a fuller appreciation of both artists.

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