Happy Pride Month!

This Pride month, we’re so excited to be able to share some great books that showcase and celebrate members of the LGBTQA+ community. See some of our featured titles below, and see all our Pride titles here!

Our Big Day
by Bob Johnston; illus. by Michael Emberley
The O’Brien Press

Uncle David and Simon are going to get married! There’s lots to do, from making the invitations to arranging the decorations, but when the wedding rings go missing just before the ceremony, Bear the dog has to use all of his special skills to help save the day!

A fun and engaging picture book and a heart-warming celebration of love, family, weddings and marriage equality!

Out on an Island
Edited by Franko Figueiredo and Caroline Diamond
Medina Publishing

Based on deeply personal testimonies and factual research, Out on An Island presents a rich and diverse portrayal of Isle of Wight LGBTQ+ history. Shining a light on stories of struggle and truth shared through recorded oral histories, this is a book which unearths a public history and cultural heritage hidden for over a century.

In a collaborative effort among LGBTQ+ Island residents, Out on An Island signifies the first ever project dedicated to local LGBTQ+ oral history on the Isle of Wight. Created in remarkable circumstances, it celebrates a close-knit community surviving together in the face of exclusion, prejudice and misrepresentation.

by Katherine O’Donnell
New Island Books

In 2015, Ro McCarthy is canvassing for yes in the 2015 marriage equality referendum. But, as the ghosts of her activist past join her on the campaign trail and her eagerness to confront a familiar discrimination turns to obsession and fury, Ro must finally face the long-buried trauma and loss of her youth. Thirty years earlier, Ro is in Boston enjoying her young life when the young gay men around her begin to die. Shocked and grieving, she finds purpose in AIDS activism and a community that is loving and living against all odds.

Slant is a novel that is headbutt to the heart, told from within a protective community, that will reveal and celebrate all the kinds of love needed to sustain a life.

Coming July 2023!

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