Blest by the Dark Angel

Ann Keiffer

The author describes her experience with depression deeply and with humility. She proves that although the journey changes life's plans, one can emerge with a greater quality and depth of meaning.
Date Published :
April 2015
Publisher :
Educator's International Press
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780989380102
Pages : 200
Dimensions : 9 X 8 inches
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What happens when depressions slams into you and your charmed life like a death-star meteor, blasting a smoking hole in the earth beneath your feet, dropping you into darkness and isolation, covering you over? How is it possible that this, the worst thing that ever happened to you becomes the very thing that saves you. What is spiritual healing? In Blest By the Dark Angel Ann Keiffer writes powerfully about what it is like to live through a clinical depression. The author was enjoying a successful career and adoring family, when she found herself  in an abyss of  melancholy. She turns her depression inside out, so we can see how it was made. But Ann’s most extraordinary gift is her ability to integrate her experience and write of it so evocatively that her insights breakthroughs and transformative healing are accessible to her readers, too. Keiffer captures the mood and climate not only of her depression, but also of her healing process in this spirit-filled, tough, gripping, inspiring, beautiful, altogether loving memoir.


This memoir chronicles the story of one woman's courageous battle with depression and how, rather than destroying her life, the crippling disease ended up improving it. Keiffer (Word-Temple Person, 2007, etc.) seemed to have it all. She held an enviable position at a prestigious advertising agency; she had a husband who loved her; and she had a well-behaved, lovable teenage son and a slew of loyal friends. It was hard to fathom, then, why she began slipping into a deep depression, which left her feeling not only incapacitated and weak, but also suicidal. Keiffer's battle with depression began when she started feeling extreme pressure to succeed at a fast-paced ad agency in San Francisco. As her main priority shifted to doing better and better at work, she began to notice that she felt odd, "like a visitor from another planet"—lethargic, disinterested in food and no longer able to find enjoyment. She also had an inexplicable rash on her body. Eventually, Keiffer realized she had reached a place where she was no longer able to function, and she took leave from her job, going from her own bedroom to a hospital to a supportive friend's home to try to recuperate. Keiffer's book chronicles her excruciating journey, from the fall into depression through the climb out of it. As she explains in her introduction, "I will take you down into the abyss of my depression with the truest words I can find. And I will leave nothing out—not the chaos of the fall, the deadening despair, nor the love that was a candle in my darkness." Keiffer focuses much of her story on the pulls of feminine and masculine instincts inside of her (labeling these instincts "Valentine" and "Duke," respectively), and she explains how this conflict exacerbated her depression. Her book offers not only a brutally honest account of what it feels like to deal with depression, but also the hopeful and optimistic story of overcoming it. A candid memoir about the toll depression can take on body, mind and spirit, offering hope for sufferers and their loved ones.

- Kirkus Reviews

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