Beneath Troubled Skies

Date Published :
January 2016
Publisher :
Editor :
Lizzie MacGregor
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The story of Scotland at war in the poetry of the time, in English, Gaelic and Scots, by servicemen, volunteers, and those on the home front. Wellknownsoldier poets like E.A. Mackintosh, Dòmhnall Ruadh Chorùna and Joseph Lee are joined by others who fought with their pens to chronicle and comment on the war, among them Mary Symon, Neil Munro and Margaret Sackville.

The book is in chronological order, following the war as it develops, with introductions to each year by Yvonne McEwen. From the very first ‘Sougho’ War’ sweeping through the land to conflicting attitudes to volunteering; from the despair of the trenches to the anguish of the bereaved; from unexpected humour to hatred to comradeship; from women at work to men shattered by conflict; from the appalling tragedies of Gretna and the Iolaire to sorrow for a generation cast into the fire, and a last angry condemnation of the human race. This anthology traces the progress of Scotland’s war through poetry written by serving soldiers and those on the home front. Includes Charles Hamilton Sorley, E.A. Mackintosh, R.Watson Kerr, Joseph Lee, Charles Murray, May Wedderburn Cannan, Mary Symon.

About The Author

Lizzie MacGregor is the Assistant Librarian of the Scottish Poetry Library. She has edited the SPL/Polygon's popular series of poetry anthologies Handsel, Handfast and Lament, as well as Luckenbooth: an anthology of Edinburgh poetry.

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