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Angus MacDonald

Date Published :
September 2020
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781780276519
Pages : 256
Dimensions : 7.7 X 5.1 inches
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Ardnish, the Highlands of Scotland, 1944. On his deathbed, Donald John Gillies sends for a priest to hear his last confession. During his 85 years he has witnessed much – world wars, the loss of family through death and emigration, and the daily struggles which face the small remote community.

Waiting anxiously for the priest, his mind travels back to the dusty plains of South Africa in 1901, where he fought as a Lovat Scout during the Boer War, and where he met the woman who was the love of his life. Forced to abandon her and her young daughter in a British concentration camp, DJ returns to Scotland and his old life after his camp is ambushed by Boers and many of his fellow soldiers are massacred.

As he lies dying, an unexpected visitor arrives at Ardnish. making it more imperative then ever for DJ to  come to terms with the past and to make peace with himself – and his family – while there is still time.

About The Author

Angus MacDonald has lived all his life in the highlands and is steeped in their tales. He served in his local regiment, the Queen’s Own Highlanders.

A serial entrepreneur he was awarded the Spear’s UK entrepreneur of the year award for 2017, building businesses in publishing, renewable energy, recycling and education.

He founded The Caledonian Challenge and runs The Moidart Trust, as well as being co-owner of The Highland Bookshop in Fort William.


‘A captivating novel . . . which incorporates so much of the beautiful Highland scene and its people alongside the horrors and destruction of a war-torn world. An inspiring read’

- The Braes

‘A fast-paced narrative with deeply likeable characters ... far more than yet another wartime love story ... impossible to put down’

- Scottish Field, Book of the Month

A book that seeks to tell the story of a good man’s life lived across two worlds now gone; and that does so with so much, energy, knowledge and love for the men of that time and place, whose memory MacDonald strives to keep alive'

- Joyce McMillan, Scotsman

A heart-felt, ingeniously plotted and wonderfully resonant novel that sweeps the reader from the smokey peat fires of the West Highlands to the baking sun of the South African veldt at the height of the Boer War. Alive with the rhythms of Highland speech and animated by a deep love and understanding of Highland ways and Highland mores, it's a deeply moving reminder of the global reach of the Gaels and the impact they've had on world history'

- William Dalrymple

What I really enjoyed about this book was its beauty, an enthralling read that is both brutal and poetic'

- Daily Record

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