Anatomy of a Lie

Decoding Casement

Paul Hyde

Anatomy of a Lie exposes a political conspiracy that cynically exploited virulent homophobia to destroy a heroic pioneer of human rights; Irish journalist and activist Roger Casement.
Date Published :
June 2020
Publisher :
Wordwell Books
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ISBN : 9781916492219
Pages : 218
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Roger Casement, executed in 1916 for his part in Ireland's Easter Rising, remains a controversial figure. His investigations of colonial power on the frontier of sub-Saharan Africa and the Amazon provoked international reaction. His role in the Irish independence struggle resulted in a campaign to undermine his critique of power. For over a century, Britain has devoted much time to maintaining confusion about Casement. At the center of this effort are the notorious `Black Diaries', documents that generated a sexual myth about the man that purposefully masked the threat he posed to imperial power. The enduring controversy over the authenticity of the `Black Diaries' possesses all the ingredients for a Le Carr‚ intrigue - secrecy, deception, forgery and cover-up. Based on analysis of previously unexamined archival documents, the official story of the `Black Diaries' is exposed as a masterpiece of manipulation and deceit.

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