Along The Divide

Walking the Wild Spine of Scotland

Chris Townsend

In the summer of 2015, between the Scottish Independence referendum and the Brexit referendum, Chris Townsend walked the watershed of Scotland. This is what he found. Color plates.
Date Published :
April 2019
Publisher :
Sandstone Press
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781912240227
Pages : 224
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Townsend embarks on a 700-mile walk along the spine of Scotland, the line of high ground where fallen rain runs either west to the Atlantic or east to the North Sea. Walking before the Independence Referendum of 2014, and writing after the EU Referendum of 2016, he reflects on nature and history, conservation, rewilding, land use and literature, and change in a time of limitless potential for both better and worse. He writes regularly for TGO Magazine and has written 22 books on the outdoors, including the award winning The Backpacker's Handbook; Crossing Arizona; the story of an 800 mile walk along the Arizona Trail; Walking the Yukon, the story of 1000 mile walk through the Yukon Territory. His recent publications with Sandstone feature two long-distance walks he undertook in the USA, Grizzly Bears and Razor Clams, about the PNT, and Rattlesnakes and Bald Eagles, about the PCT.

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