Against All Odds

How an Indian Airman’s Extraordinary Resolve Altered the Course of His Life

Ram L. Chugh

Against All Odds is living testimony to the richness of each life, of the unlimited potential that awaits only our awareness, trust, and undying commitment.
Date Published :
June 2014
Publisher :
Educator's International Press
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781891928413
Pages : 111
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Against All Odds is a story of how Dr. Ram Chugh, refused to sublimate his enormous potential to stultifying circumstances. This intimate piece of personal history is about more than simply surviving in a highly restrictive and imposing environment that was the Indian military—it’s about more than moving through fears and predispositions in order to learn that one is a sterling leader rather than simply a capable follower of orders. Certainly, Against All Odds is a story of one who overcomes self-limitation through an open mind and sensitive heart; of one who extends trust beyond self-knowledge, of one who uses spiritual understanding to see beyond the obvious and pragmatic. But it is, as well, an extraordinary tale of conquering fear through putting trust and faith in something larger than oneself, of understanding the loving nature of relationships as a veritable feast amid seeming hunger, of bonding with one’s innate sense of being as the driving force in accomplishing great things, even in what may appear to be highly limiting circumstances. Indeed, Dr. Chugh’s memoir of his time in the military serves as far more than simply a contextual crucible for his recollections of that specific period of his life. His memoir is a story of a man who transforms his life much like a caterpillar breaks out of its chrysalis to become a beautiful butterfly and serve an even larger purpose. Just when he thought his life was over, out of extraordinary effort and growing confidence expressed in an ever-unfolding potentiality, Dr. Chugh extended himself and his brilliant contributions beyond even his own wildest dreams.


"Against All Odds by Ram L. Chugh is the memoir of a young man who was called into the Indian Air Force because of the family's financial situation. This book details how he finds himself in the position of being the lowest of low in the Indian Air Force and having to work in situations that were well beneath his intellect, but he learned from this humbling experience how to progress through a system and elevate himself to ultimately be able to leave the Air Force, enter a university , and pursue a doctorate in economics. With his Ph.D., he came to the United States to become a professor of economics at State University of New York College where he earned the prestigious SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, and later the highest honor of Distinguished Service Professor. This memoir is inspiring to others who find themselves in extremes of poverty and degradation to rise to the supreme challenges to better themselves and succeed Against All Odds. A wonderful book!"

- Bonnie Neely, Real Travel Adventures

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