A Scream in the Shadows

Mac Donald Dixon

A crime story set in the rural Caribbean in which a young man joins the police force to investigate the murder of his sister. His father is arrested and is languishing in jail but who is telling the truth?
Date Published :
April 2022
Publisher :
Papillote Press
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781838041533
Pages : 200
Dimensions : 8 X 6 inches
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A crime story set in the rural Caribbean where traditional allegiances and a flawed criminal justice system provide a backdrop to the rape and murder of a young girl. When her father is accused of the crime, her brother joins the police to try and clear their father’s name. While the suspect languishes in jail on remand, the young detective investigates other suspects. His mother remains loyal to her husband but does anyone else and who - if anyone - knows the truth?

About The Author

Dixon was born in St. Lucia, West Indies. He was educated at the Castries Anglican Infant and Primary schools, and St. Mary's College on a Town Board scholarship. He is best known for his poetry. He is also an accomplished painter and photographer.


"A pretty run of the mill plot which the author does not look down at and transcends through a fluid first person narrative that compels you to sympathise with the principal character and his mission, and raises the curtain on some of the endemic social and gender problems that still hold all of the Caribbean back."

- Crime Time UK

“In triumphantly transposing the whodunit detective story to the sleepy villages of rural St Lucia, Dixon’s novel shines light on gender-based violence and shows how those shadows blight generations.”

- Lisa Allen-Agostini, editor of Trinidad Noir

“A welcome addition to a glaringly under-exploited genre in Caribbean writing.”

- Jacob Ross, author of Black Rain Falling

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